Our Pomsky Pack

Our Pomskies Mommies

Piper is such an amazing pup. She weighs 14lbs and is my daughter’s best friend. She has the best temperament and is so friendly.

Lexi is our gorgeous mommy that has a little Eskimo too. She is so laid back and super friendly and soo soft. Such a great mom.

Galena was our very 1st Pomsky. She has had such amazing and beautiful pups.

Our Pomsky Daddies

Bucky is super friendly and loves everyone he meets. He just loves to give those kisses.

Tank is such a sweetheart and super friendly. He has a wonderful very long wooly coat.

Our Future Mommies

Daisy Mae


Our Retired Pomskies

Tigress is a beautiful golden sable merle and super fluffy. She is such a wonderful dog.

Bolt was our 1st stud.
He is such a great dog and super sweet.

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